Written and Reviewed by Ralph Miller, Reiki Master/Teacher. Editor: Sahar Miller. Last updated: October 29, 2020.

Energy medicine is a modality of healing in which the practitioner utilizes energy healing to affect the patient’s energy fields in order to promote healing.

While controversial and seen as pseudoscience by some, there is a growing interest and belief in the use of energy medicine in hospitals across the U.S., with many nurses learning and utilizing practices such as Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki.

Types of Energy Medicine

Many different types of energy medicine may be learned, practiced, and utilized for healing purposes. In some instances, the practitioner may utilize energy work on you, where the experience is one of passive receptivity, while in other situations, you may wish to take a more active role in your healing by learning how to do the energy work for yourself or family.

What Can Energy Medicine Be Used For?

Energy Medicine may be utilized to promote healing and well being in general and to support other types of treatment. Conditions for which energy medicine may be used including:

Studies are being funded by the National Institute of Health and undertaken to determine energy healing’s effectiveness for treating the following conditions:

Side Effects

While the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCAM) states that energy medicine like Reiki is not known to have harmful effects, it is important to note that in one study, participants experienced ‘profound shifts in their view of themselves, their lives, and their potential for healing and transformation.’ And these changes lasted anywhere from 24 hours to more than 6 months.

If you could benefit from those kinds of beneficial side effects, energy medicine may be something to explore further. 


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